After finally completing all the relevant registrations of the new land, we received a small geodesic dome from Netherlands that we plan to use as a sala and accommodation at the new hermitage after this winter. Currently we are testing it at Samanadipa monastery and experimenting with different types of insulation, building a portable base, and few more things.

We have also set up a Mongolian yurt, as an additional kuti that will be already available this winter. Anumodana to all the generous supporters for their continued support!

Ajahn Thaniyo and Thandie enjoying the unique and appealing winter yurt space

Hopefully, by spring we will be able to get two more of these yurts, which would allow us to quickly move into the quiet forests at the new land… Forests that we will be sharing with black bears, wild goats and Eurasian wolves:

Wolf scat with bone fragments at the Hermitage property

NEW Hillside Hermitage LOCATION

With the help of Samanadipa Sangha, Hillside Hermitage has acquired a new land in a very remote part of Slovenia. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we are able to commence with the necessary building of new kutis and basic facilities very soon. That would allow us to move there before long and continue with other work needed on the land.

The entire development will take some time to complete (the place has no water nor any other facilities), and if you’d wish to contribute towards future projects, such as water tanks installation, electricity, toilets and renovating and adapting a couple of small barns that were on the property before, you are very welcome to do so via our donations page. Anumodana!

The goal is to have a similar set up like before in Sri Lanka, with even greater emphasis on seclusion and physical remoteness. That would create simple and suitable life exclusively for the fully ordained monks that have been in robes more than five years.

Beyond Good and Evil

A new mp3 recording of Ajahn Nyanamoli’s talk on how to go beyond wholesome and unwholesome, and other dualities that share the same principle of simultaneous presence (paticcasamuppada). The talk also addresses the mistake of approaching meditation through a technique and discusses how can one free oneself from the First Fetter of holding onto Virtue and Duty (silabbataparamasa).

Beyond Good and Evil MP3 DOWNLOAD